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2012-11-10 01:59:05
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US-Japan-China Comparative Policy Research Institute (CPRI)

Corporate Social Responsibility Index (CSRI)



This is the first primary release of CPRI’s research on corporate social responsibility index with a focus on human rights. Many companies added environmental factor to their CSR reports but it is not comparable or fair among energy manufacturing and software companies and I noticed some companies inserting this factor to dilute social concerns. At this stage I include 33 companies (1 in Japan 6 in China and the rest in the U.S.) based on my personal knowledge and study on them. The foot notes briefly indicate how I come to conclusion for each company’s CSRI. I am fully aware of the methodology constrain of this project (being a Ph. D on social research methodology) and I will improve in next releases. Nonetheless it provides an alternative perspective among so many proposals or indexes on how to gauge corporate social responsibility in the time of globalization driven mainly by large international companies.


A: 80-100 leader

B: 60-80 good citizen

C: 40-60 average effort

D: 20-40 concerned need improvement

F: 0-20 failure unethical unlawful


Jing Zhao

US-Japan-China Comparative Policy Research Institute

November 8 2012


A         Google[1]

A-        Intel[2]

B+       Chevron[3]

B-        Microsoft[4] Cisco[5]

C+       Dentsu group[6] Adobe Systems[7] Best Buy[8] HP[9] Boeing[10]

C           Applied Materials[11] eBay[12] China Digital TV[13] JDS Uniphase[14] Sun Microsystems[15] Brocade Communications[16] Visa[17] Goldman Sachs[18]

C-         China Southern Airlines[19] Juniper Networks[20] Oracle[21] NetApp[22] Symantec[23] Sandisk[24] Apple[25]

D+       PetroChina[26] RadioShack[27] Zynga[28] Baidu[29] Sina[30]

D         Sohu[31]

F          News[32] Yahoo[33]


[1] . There are three documents on Google at seven documents on Google at including the final review in Chinese at


[3] . There are five documents on Chevron at including the final review in Chinese at


[5] . There are fourteen documents on Cisco at including five in Chinese.

[6] I worked for two Dentsu group companies 1992-95.

[7] I worked in Adobe 2000-2001 as a Quality Engineer.

[8] Note: after further communications with Best Buy I upgraded its CSRI from C to C+.

[9] There are three documents on HP at .

[10] There are six documents on Boeing at including the final review in Chinese at


[12] I attended its shareholders meeting and users’ event one time each.



[15] (acquired by Oracle in 2010)









[24] Sandisk did not answer my shareholder letter of human rights concern.

[25] I have been a shareholder but have not communicated with Apple directly.




[29] I have been its shareholder. It never replied my letters.

[30] I visited Sina when it started in Silicon Valley in 1999 have been its shareholder and have used its blog and weibo services after it moved to China.


[32] There are five documents on News Corp. at .

[33] . There are five documents on Yahoo at .